In the previous episode of MTV Love School season 4, Rishabh and Ramiz got into a fight as Rishabh asked Gizelle to pair up with him. The love professors Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar gave a love assignment to housemates. It was a compatibility love assignment in which Karan asked boys to choose their partner. Rishabh chose Vaishali, Ramiz paired up with Gizelle, Sagar teamed up with Africa, Shafan picked up Gunjan, Poojan chose Dev while Sunny paired up with his lady love Manpreet. Karan asked some interesting questions to the housemate to check the compatibility of all the pairs. Majority of the contestants thought that Ramiz is likely to cheat on Gizelle and that Gizelle can do much better in Love School and real life too without her boyfriend, Ramiz.

Gizelle got emotional and said that if she gets a chance to pair up with Rishabh, she will go for it. Rishabh got extremely happy to hear that from Gizelle. After the love assignment, all contestants returned to love school, where Rishabh was talking to Gizelle. But Vaishali interrupted their conversation and slapped Rishabh for what he did with her. Everyone got shocked. Next morning Karan and Anusha asked Rishabh what had happened last night. Rishabh told the love professors that Vaishali slapped him. Anusha said to Vaishali that she doesn’t support violence in the show, but she does understand her.

On the other hand, Gizelle and Ramiz decided to take a break in their relationship. More interestingly, Gunjan shared that she would love to pair up with Ramiz after which the two of them paired up. The love professors gave next love assignments to the contestants in which Ramiz and Gunjan performed together as a pair. The hilarious part was Ramiz mistakenly called Gunjan by Gizelle’s name at the beginning of the task. The two struggled to complete their task where Ramiz gave up on the task.

In MTV Love School Season 4, episode 16, 8th June 2019, Ramiz and Manpreet had a word. Ramiz told Manpreet that he knows he is the best among all in the school. He said that everyone would target him in the judgment night as he is the most popular contestant of the Love School. The latest episode of the reality dating TV show is going to be super exciting as some of the ex-contestants visited the Love School, including Ali, Asheema. Asheema got in a catfight with Africa calling her a disloyal friend. Don’t miss tonight’s episode of MTV Love School Season 4, watch the show only on MTV at 7 PM every Saturday.


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