MTV Ace of Space 2, 17th September 2019 Episode Updates: Renu Is Eliminated

MTV Ace of Space 2 written episode

MTV Ace of Space 2, 17th September 2019 Episode Updates

In the MTV Ace of Space Season 2 latest episode, we see that everybody was sitting in the room so that everybody could vote each other out. Salman and everybody else was sitting there. Khushali was being admired by Mastermind Vikas. Khushali dances with Akshay. Everybody praises them and the moment goes aww. Vikas says you both are good. Vikas says that Baseer will go and everybody else have to complete the statement which is written over there. The question was Baseer Lucinda ko shadi ke bad ____________ krdega. Vikas was expecting a good answer from everyone to fill in space.

Ace of Space 2, 17th September 2019 episode updates, will show us that the answer of Mastermind’s question gets many answers like travel, propose, unseen etc. But Shruti writes that Baseer will drive Lucinda crazy after the show. Everybody laughs. Vikas says that this was such a clever answer. Vikas tells that the whole house has given the same answers but those two people who know you have given the different answers. Baseer says that only one of them know me and other person thinks that he knows me but he does not. Salman laughs. Salman says that he has seen him in many years and nothing last with him.

They both start fighting. Baseer says that Salman is pretending to know me but he does not and telling people that he knows me since 7-8 years. Baseer raises his voice and then says that he has not taken his name in the show. The fight gets worst. Baseer tells that Salman was not in his life for 6-7 years and this year he met me last month. Salman gets angry. Vikas asks why Baseer thinks Salman is insecure about him. We will keep you updated with all the Ace of Space 2 Updates. Salman was asked if he loves Krissan or not? They ask what type of connection they have. Vikas says that Salman has feeling for her and why don’t he propose her.


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