Ace Of Space is one of the topmost entertaining show. Ace Of Space the show managed to create a huge fan following across India in a very less time. The show Ace Of Space reality TV show is getting more and more interesting with each episode.

MTV Ace Of Space episode 43, 1st December 2018, is going to be very interesting as the Mastermind Vikas Gupta will add a new twist in the show and will entertain the viewers.

The reality shows Ace Of Space is based on a very amazing and interesting subject where 18 contestants battle for their survival in a shrinking and congested house. MTV Ace Of Space house had an emotional task for the last week by none other than Vikas Gupta and who wins the trump card by passing this emotional turmoil is a must watch.

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she entered the youth-based captive reality show MTV Ace Of Space, to promote her upcoming film Kedarnath. In the latest episode of MTV Ace Of Space, 1st December 2018 written episode Varun Sood enters in the activity room and he decided not to turn despite his best buddy in the house of Ace Of Space for Divya Aggarwal’s requests.

Varun decided not to turn at any cost. He thinks that he suffers all problems but he never turns back. The challenger was not to press the red buzzer, no matter what. the task was too emotionally very challenging for the housemates as they had to choose between rest strong in the game of Ace Of Space or press the buzzer to meet their family member.

Faizy Boo’s mother got a chance to meet with Faizy and rest of the payers of the house. Everyone treated Faizy’s mother very well in the congested house, her simple appearance along with modern thoughts lights up the MTV Ace Of Space.



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