Mpho Maboi Divorce rumors explained: There have been rumors spread about the divorce of Mpho Maboi and Reneilwe Letsholonyane which has created a spark in the community. However, the couple has come back with an even stronger response and has got back at those who have been spreading the rumors. This has also been mentioned by the famous blogger Musa Khawula. This response has come after many weeks of speculation on the unknown status of her married life. Mpho Maboi has clapped back at the spreaders of those rumors. Follow More Updates On

Mpho Maboi Divorce

Mpho Maboi Divorce

It was rumored that Mpho Maboi had been separated from her husband Reneilwe “Yeye” Letsholonyane. Mpho is a renowned sports presenter and Reneilwe is a retired soccer player and a star. In the last month, there was speculation that was started with the actions of Mpho Maboi only. She had changed her name back to her original one on her social media profile. This fuelled the fans as they started speculating that the couple had split up and that Mpho has divorced the former Bafana Bafana star.

The fans were made aware of the incident by the controversial celebrity blogger Musa Khawula as he said that the couple is not doing well and shared the allegation that has taken a divorce from each other.ย Mpho and Reneilwe had gotten married in 2018 and have given birth to two children together. It was only until recently, that their public appearances were getting lower and even on social media it was getting rare. This only added fuel to the already lit fire.

Mpho Maboi Divorce rumors explained

Their last post together was on Reneilwe’s birthday back in June 2021. She also did not mention her wedding anniversary on social media as she used to do before.ย This week Musa made the fire bigger again by spreading the rumors that the presenter and former star have taken their separate ways. He posted a picture of Mpho in a luxury BMW and said that the star is seeing to be showing off her car after she divorced her Reneilwe who has a lot of loans on his hands.

But the fact was that Reneilwe was taken to court for stopping to pay installments of his BMW 118i. That photo was wrongly spread by the blogger, Musa. Mpho got back at the blogger by saying that she had bought a car and who is Refoile. The husband also commented on the post of her wife, Mpho.


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