Moussa Sylla: Who Was He? Cleaning Agent For The National Assembly Died After Accident: A shocking incident happened with Moussa Sylla and we are here to confirm the passing of Moussa Sylla passed away on 12th July 2022. His death news has raised many questions from the National Assembly Of France as he also worked there as a cleaning agent and because of his loose scrubber his body imbalance he fell from the stairs. His death news has raised many questions and people are asking the organization for the safety of the employees. People are searching for this news to know more about him. If you are the one so you are in the right place as we have gathered detailed information about him. Follow More Updates On

Moussa Sylla

Who Was Moussa Sylla?

He was born in 1970 in the Indian Ocean and he belongs to a low-class family as he suffered a lot of money problems so decided to go to France for a job and he got a job in France as a cleaning agent. As per information he was married and had two children to raise he landed in another other country and he always sends money to his family. He is mainly from Mauritius and in 2003 he came to France and here his half brother was there so he helped him to get the job and he worked at National Assembly Of France.

How Did Moussa Sylla Die?

He passed away on 12th July 2022 as he was found in an unconscious manner in the parking lot it is believed that because of his scrubber he lost his balance while cleaning the fifth floor he slipped and go through the basement of the assembly. People are asking for the investigation and at 2:30 median came including other people who worked there and social activists with a rally and they want the investigation on this case.

Moussa Sylla

Moussa Sylla Death Cause

After raising a thousand questions about the people the President of the National Assembly Yal Braun-Pivet said that a proper investigation will be done on this case and she will monitor the process of investigation. Twitter & several other platforms are now filled with his death news and people are sharing the post and giving him tribute. The police & other teams are investigating this case to know the truth and people are in the support of his family and also help will be given to his family as he sent the money to complete the basic needs of the family. May Moussa Sylla Rest In Peace.


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