A New Jersey woman is facing murder charges of her own two children. The incident appears quite complicated in which a mother has been charged with killing her two children. The name of the woman is Yuhwei Chou who was accused of killing her 7 years old daughter and 10-month-old son.

Mother Charged With Murder After 7-Year-Old

The dead body of both children was found in the backseat of a car in Somerset County on Tuesday. According to the police, both the children have been murdered by their mother who is 36 years old and living apart from her husband. As per the official sources, she is going through mental toughness for a few years.

Mother Charged With Murder After 7-Year-Old

Let us also tell you that she had a very good relation with her daughter and son but this incident actually broke several people worldwide. There was no particular reason to kill those innocent kids and it is actually devastated that two children has been murdered by their own real mother.

According to the sources, she was lived away from the general public and a rural cage become the main reason for failing her marriage forced her to lose her mind over a period of time. Along with it, the sources also claimed that she has not a good relation with her husband.

Let us tell you that Yuhwei Chow, a resident of the Montgomery neighborhood of Skillman, killed her two children by strangling them in the back seat of their car. As it is coming to the fore in the news that she had locked the car leaving both her children in the back seat of the car, due to which both the children died of suffocation.

Many people all over the world heard this news and get upset to heard about this incident. No one is accept that a mother killed her two children in which a daughter of 7 years and a son of 10 months old included.

The police start investigating the case and arrest the woman who killed both her children. What is the main reason behind this incident is not known to everyone but some people are assuming that what happened to the children could be an accident.

Authorities have confirmed that 7-year-old Samantha Ross and 10-month-old Paul Ross were in the rear of the vehicle, tied and restrained in their booster seats and showing no signs of life. What will happen next to the mother is not yet announced but we will update all the information here.


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