The next chapter of Moshi Fanren (The Last Human) is set to release in the upcoming days. The last chapter of the animated series was released just a few days ago. After some time, the Manga continues to release their new chapter of Moshi Fanren. We are expecting that the upcoming chapters will release every Monday.

moshi fanren chapter 368

There are lots of things about the previous chapter and it has been reached at this level because of its fan following. Many people like to watch this series for a very long time as it has captured millions of attractions from viewers. Now, the makers are coming back with a new chapter of Moshi Fanren called Moshi Fanren Chapter 368. Let’s find out what is new in the upcoming chapter.


We have seen that Duan met with Zuo and told that how she was humiliated in her past by his behaviour. Later, Zuo gets to know that Duan has changed Cheno Wenboi, Li Fei, and Luo Xuan into Soulless Dolls and fixed to battle with her.

Moshi Fanren Chapter 368 Spoiler

The chapter starts with Duan who called two monsters animals Zuo knows reinforcement. Zuo get orders from Duan to complete their business. The reinforcement produces their weapons and attacks on those two animals. They see that Animals has a deadly virus and it is not easy to defeat them.

One of the reinforcement gets to know that there is a man that who kills on Huxin Island. The beast roar and Duan ask them to kill. The attacks with the magical blows with the beast and Zuo find a way to Duan.

Zuo attacks with the help of a sword and Duan saved and says that he will not harm her. Now, the upcoming episode will come with more interesting but it is sad to hear that there is no spoiler for the next chapter except its release date.

Moshi Fanren Chapter 368: Release Date

Since the last chapter release, the excitement for the next chapter has been increasing among all and they are waiting to watch the next chapter as soon as possible so, Moshi Fanren Chapter 368 will release on August 9, 2021. The chapter will available for watchers after the latest release of the recent chapter and if there will be a late release so, it will available on next day.

As per the sources, the Manga is releasing the chapter every three weeks. So, don’t miss this upcoming chapter because the excitement and entertainment will come together in the upcoming chapter of Moshi Fanren.


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