Another football match by the Primeira Liga is back to entertain the fans with lots of amazing players of the league. Every single team has won the hearts of the fans in this league and once again, the league is ready to entertain the viewers. There are 18 teams in this league and every single team has played an amazing match.

MOR vs ESP live score

Tonight, team Moreirense (MOR) and team Estoril Praia (ESP) will face off each other on the football ground. Along with this, team ESP has played 15 matches and on the other side, team MOR has played 14 matches in this league.

Finally, the amazing match will show some unexpected moments of the players such as their teamwork, gameplay and skills against the rival team. Primeira Liga which is also known as the Portuguese League is also famous to introduce some amazing matches through some fantastic players.

There are 18 teams and each team have shown their talent on the ground and achieved several things. Team Porto is currently holding the 1st position in this league with 13 victories out of 15 matches. So, get ready to watch this battle on the football ground tonight at the below given time.

MOR vs ESP: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Moreirense (MOR) vs Estoril Praia (ESP)
  • League:- Primeira Liga or Portuguese League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Parque Joaquim de Almeida Freitas
  • Date:- Wednesday, December 29, 2021
  • Time:- 02:30 AM IST

MOR vs ESP: Team Squad

Moreirense (MOR):- Kwein Rodrigo Concelcao, Lazar Rosic, Artur Jorge, Abdu Conte, Fablo Pacheco, Walterson, Ibrahima Camara, Andre Luis, Felipe Pires, Yan, Matheus Silva, Mateus Pasinato, and Sori Mane.

Estoril Praia (ESP):- Carles Soria, Bernardo Vital, Lucas Africo, Volnei, Francisco Geraldes, Chiquinho, Rodrigo Valente, Andre Clovis, Andre Franco, Arthur Gomes, Thiago Coly, Rui Fonte, Leonardo Acevedo and Afonso Valente.

MOR vs ESP: Lineups Player

Moreirense (MOR):- Vitoria, Conte, Walterson, Luis, Kewin, Conceicao, Rosic, Jambor, Mane, Pires, and Soares.

Estoril Praia (ESP):- Silva, Soria, Fonte, Xavier, Loreintz, Geraldes, Franco, Farraresi, Patrick, Joaozinho, and Gomes.

MOR vs ESP: Match Prediction

The league is going amazing and every single team is showing something special for both teams. It will be interesting to watch this match on the football ground as team ESP is at the 5th spot with 6 victories and 2 loss matches. On the other side, team MOR is at 17th spot with poor games because they just won a single match out of 14 matches. As per the performances and games in this league, team ESP has more chances to win this match.


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