Here are lots of leagues running around the world but the fan following of the Portuguese League is known for some amazing matches among these leagues. Tonight, the league is back with another match and two teams will face off each other to play their wonderful match.

MOR vs BEL live score

According to the latest reports, team Moreirense (MOR) and team Belenenses (BEL) is going to face off each other tonight. This league has come with several matches in this league and it will be interesting to watch this wonderful match tonight.

MOR vs BEL Live Score

According to the latest updates, the match is going to be much excited because of its players. All the players of the league have shown some amazing skills in this match and if you are excitedly waiting to watch and support those players so, you can buy the tickets from the website of the league.

In this league, there are 18 teams in this league and every single team has played more than 20 matches for the fans. Each team has already shown its talent. Most of the teams have reached to their high. There are lots of teams in this league and now, let’s share many details about the matches.

MOR vs BEL: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Moreirense (MOR) vs Belenenses (BEL)
  • Venue:- Parque Joaquim de Almeida Freitas (Moreira de Conegos)
  • Date:- Tuesday, February 8, 2022
  • Time:- 02:45 AM IST

MOR vs BEL: Team Squad

Moreirense (MOR):- Kewin Rodrigo, Lazar Rosic, Artur Jorge, Fablo Pacheco, Walterson, Ibrahima Camara, Andre Luis, Felipe Pires, Yan, Matheus Silva, Mateus, Pasinato, Sori Mane, Steven Vitoria, Godfried Frimpong, Nikola Jambor, Derik Lacerda, Pablos Santos, Jefferson, Miguel Olveira, Jefferson Galego, Ruben Ramos, Paulinho, Pedro Amador, Kevin Mirallas, Goncalo Franco, and Rafael Martins.

Belenenses (BEL):- Luiz Felipe, Chima Akas, Diogo Calila, Thibang Phete, Tomas Ribeiro, Yohan Tavares, Abel Camara, Rui Filipe, Andrijia Lukovic, Alisson Safira, Danny Henriques, Christian Marques, Jorge Xavier, Henrique Pires, Andre Lopes, Sandro, Rafael Camacho, Tomas Castro, Duarte Valente, Jordan van der Gaag, Trova Boni, Rafael Santos, Antonio Montez, Braima Sambu, Luis Mota, Joao Monteiro, Alvaro Ramalho, Eduardo Kau, Cesar Sousa, Francisco Teixeira, Alioune Ndour, Nilton Varela, Afonso Sousa, Sphephelo Sithole, and Pedro Nuno.

MOR vs BEL: Probable Lineups

Moreirense (MOR):- Kewin, Rosic, Vitoria, Santos, Amador, Camara, Pacheco, Paulinho, Walterson, Martins, and Yan.

Belenenses (BEL):- Felipe, Henriques, Tavares, Carraca, Calila, Varela, Lukovic, Yaya, Sousa, Ndour, and Camara.

MOR vs BEL: Match Prediction

Both teams are going to face off each other and it seems that the match is going to be dangerous. As we can see that team MOR is at 17th place with 20 matches where they won 3 matches and lost 10 matches.

On the other side, team BEL is at the 18th spot with 20 matches where they won 2 matches out of 20 matches. According to the experts, team MOR has more chances to win this match.


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