Money Heist has been marked as the most-watched non-English program since it premiered in 2017 on Netflix. The previous season 4 of Money Heist was released on April 3, and it was a huge hit, challenging all the materials available on Netflix. However, it ended on a serious note leaving us at the peak of thrill. We hope you have watched Season 4 now, if not go and check it out on Netflix.

If reports are believed, the news has it that the Money Heist makers are planning on their new content for Season 5 and will resume production as soon as the pandemic is over. If that’s true, it will be the happiest news for the watchers, before every season of the series comes with something that leaves them wanting for more.

So, there are majorly two reasons we can anticipate an another season from Money Heist, first one is, Raquel (Lisbon), the girlfriend of The Professor (Alvaro Morte), has escaped from the count and was dropped from the helicopter on the roof of Bank of Spain (where the heist is in progress) and rejoins the team.

money heist season 5

So it would be interesting to see what happens next. And the second is, Inspector Alicia Sierra finds the location of Professor and points a gun at him. Why does she want to kill him? Will she shoot or join Professor’s team as Raquel did? The questions are yet to be answered. But, one thing is for sure, that the Bank of Spain has become a maze proving hard for the gang to leave.

As of now, Netflix has not decided on the release date of Money Heist season 5. Looking at the pattern of the production team works of Money Heist, they have been filming two parts together for around eight months, and releasing each part within a gap of six months. Therefore, judging from this schedule, the show is expected to air part five in December and part six in September 2021.

Money Heist has yet to be revived for the fifth season. The fourth season had recently arrived, so it would be too early for Netflix to announce a new season. Netflix usually takes a few months to announce a new season. The fifth season will be in the future as we saw in the season 4 finale, many things remain that pave the way for the new season.


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