One of Netflix’s popular series of this time, Money Heist has an Indian connection, those who have watched the Season 4 of the series will definitely know-how. But if it still doesn’t strike you, remember the Pakistani hacker Shakir in the show who helps the professor and his team in the ongoing mission in the Bank of Spain. The character was played by Ajay Jethi, he hails from a village in Patiala, Punjab and now resides in Barcelona. The shocking thing is, even working for the giant Netflix show, he doesn’t have the subscription of the platform.

Thanking everyone for praising his character, he wrote on his FB page, “I don’t have Netflix and don’t even have TV, I am able to watch my character because of the pictures and videos that you all are sending me. Thank you very much for this feedback.”

In an interview with Manorama, Ajay said that he has been working in Spanish movies, play, series and ads for the last 10 years, but after ‘Money Heist’ he got a very good response. He was fond of acting since childhood and used to do plays in Punjabi, written by Shakespeare, but his father did not support him. In 2005, he was sent to Spain and there he started working as a construction labourer on a work visa. Later he took Spanish and acting classes and started doing some roles in films, ads and web series.

money heist ajay jethi

Talking about his break-in ‘Money Heist’, Ajay said that he has previously worked with the show’s director Alex Pina. When he was offered this role, he sat and watched the first 2 seasons before signing it. Ajay’s part was shot in Madrid and his scenes were such that he could never meet the rest of the cast of the show. Ajay says that the way he is getting feedback on Facebook and Instagram, it seems that his decision to do this role was not wrong. Ajay further said, he thought that it was a Spanish show and had no idea it would be available in English subtitles. But, now that he has downloaded the app on the phone, he would definitely watch it soon.

When asked about casting Shahrukh Khan, Ayushmann Khurrana or others in the role of Professor. He said, If Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of Professor, it will be huge. He’s the Badshah of Bollywood. He gained this stardom by starting from scratch in his career. Commercially also, him playing the character will be big.” He said further, “But I also think that actors like Irrfan, Vidya Balan and Rani Mukerji can play important roles in the Hindi remake. Irrfan can also make for a good Professor. Vidya Balan can nail the role of Raquel and Rani Mukerji as Alicia Sierra. Even Shahid Kapoor can play any character. After watching Kabir Singh, I saw his performance and he can portray such an angry character in the series.”


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