French Star League is well known for introducing some amazing matches to the fans. Most of the fans are waiting to watch the match of the league and maybe, there are lots of things to watch including skills and talents of the players.

MON vs NIM Live Score

Well, there are lots of matches that will also take place and tonight, team Montpellier Handball (MON) and team Usam Nimes Gard (NIM) will face off each other on the handball court. Fans are too excited to watch the battle of the teams on the ground and it will be interesting to watch them together once again. Both teams have played several matches in this league.

MON vs NIM Live Score

According to the sources, there are 16 teams in this league that has played several matches but today’s teams who will play tonight’s match is not standing in the top four teams of the league and they will have to play more matches to reach on this position. Well, both teams will have to win many more matches to reach the above in the table and maybe, it seems difficult.

While the table also shows that team Nimes has more chances to reach in the top four teams because the team is standing near the topmost teams. So, get ready to watch this amazing match tonight.

MON vs NIM: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Montpellier Handball (MON) vs Usam Nimes Gard (NIM)
  • League:- French Star League 2021-22
  • Venue:- FDI Stadium
  • Date:- Sunday, November 28, 2021
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

MON vs NIM: Team Squad

Montpellier Handball (MON):- Olafur Andres Gudmundsson, Benjamin Bataille, Lucas Moscariello, Robin Puigsegur, Hugo Descat, Yanis Lenne, Veron Nacinovic, Mathias Mougin, Kylian Prat, Alexis Berthier, Thomas Vignal, Kyllian Villeminot, Kevin Bonnefoi, Marko Panic, Karl Wallinus, Charles Bolzinger, Elie Ona, Marin Sego, Mathieu Cornette, Julien Bos, Adrien Dubois, Gilberto Duarte, Lucas Guigon, Valentin Porte, Lucas Pellas, Arthur Lenne, and Diego Esteban Simonet.

Usam Nimes Gard (NIM):- Teodor Paul, Remi Desbonnet, Romain Tesio, Mohammad Sanad, Julien Rebichon, Michael Guigou, Tom Poyet, Benjamin Gallego, Remi Salou, Henrik Jakobsen, Luc Tobie, Mathieu Salou, Quentin Minel, O’Brian Nyateu, Ahmed Hesham, Jean-Jacques Acquevillo, and Quentin Dupuy.

MON vs NIM: Lineups Player

Montpellier Handball (MON):- Robin Puigsegur, Hugo Descat, Mohammad Sanad, Julien Rebichon, Charles Bolzinger,Ahmed Hesham, and Elie Ona.

Usam Nimes Gard (NIM):- Michael Guigou, O’Brian Nyateu, Jean-Jacques Acquevillo,  Henrik Jakobsen, Remi Desbonnet, Luc Tobie, and  Tom Poyet.

MON vs NIM: Lineups Player

Many fans are waiting to know that which team has more chances to win this match and it seems that both teams have played several matches in this league. According to the sources, team MON is standing on the 9th spot with 4 victories and 5 lost matches out of 10 matches.

On the other side, team NIM also played 10 matches where they won 5 matches and lost 3 matches. Currently, they are standing on the 6th spot and the experts are claiming that team NIM has more chances to win this match.


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