The Momentum One Day Cup of 2021 is all set to entertain all the people who want to watch the interesting battle between the teams. This is a domestic One-day Cricket championship which will be held in South Africa and a very huge quantity of people are waiting for this championship. The championship starts on 9th January 2021 and the end of the league will be held on 14th January 2021. In the tournament, the three teams are competing with each other and take the participate in the tournament to win the title. Momentum One Daye Cup of 2021 is going on very well and all the people are waiting to watch the match.Momentum One Day Cup 2021 Live Streaming Channel Fixtures Schedule Standings

All the teams are divided into two pools and the first pool contains the Dolphins, Titans, and Knights. On the other hand, the second pool contains the Lions, Cape Cobras, and Warriors. The names of the divisions are Pool A and Pool B. Due to the heavy restrictions of COVID-19, the venue of all the matches remains the same in every battle. The venue fixed by the officials is Senwes Park in Potchefstroom. The fixture of the matches between teams are stated below and all the battles are very fantastic and also much awaited by the viewers.

  • January 09, Saturday
    Titans vs Dolphins, Pool A
  • January 10, Sunday
    Dolphins vs Knights, Pool A
  • January 13, Wednesday
    Knights vs Titans, Pool A
  • January 14, Thursday
    Dolphins vs Titans, Pool A
  • January 15, Friday
    Titans vs Knights, Pool A
  • January 16, Saturday
    Knights vs Dolphins, Pool A
  • January 29, Friday
    Cape Cobras vs Lions, Pool B
  • January 30, Saturday
    Lions vs Warriors, Pool B
  • January 31, Sunday
    Warriors vs Cape Cobras, Pool B
  • February 3, Wednesday
    Cape Cobras vs Warriors, Pool B
  • February 4, Thursday
    Lions vs Cape Cobras, Pool B
  • February 5, Friday
    Warriors vs Lions, Pool B
  • February 11, Thursday
    1st in Pool A vs 2nd Pool B (1st Semi-Final)
  • February 12, Friday
    1st in Pool B vs 2nd Pool A (2nd Semi-Final)
  • February 14, Sunday
    Winner of Semi-Final 1 vs Winner of Semi-Final 2 (Final)

All the matches that will be held in the upcoming days are very interesting. The league containing a very huge fan following all over the world. So, if you want to watch the match then the battle will be airing on the official channel and website of the tournament. If you want to know more updates about Momentum One Day Cup 2021 then stay tuned with us.


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