The latest episode begins with Virendra as Virendra says that if you really want to do this then you will leave everything. On the other hand, he also asks, if you were absolutely right, why did you do this drama of apostasy? Why did you try to fool everyone? Poorvi gets tears in her eyes as she collects cash for him. The title track plays in the background. He holds her hand and takes her to the main door and asks her to return the money or give up.


After some time a challenge comes and he says that if you fail in this challenge then the doors of this house will be closed for you. Mama and her mother objected, but Virendra parked the guard at the door and goes from there. On the other hand, Anjali vows to ensure that Purvi will never be allowed inside this house. Not only this she also makes a plan for this.

In the next scene, Preu apologizes to her sister, saying that I did this to take revenge on Mukhi Ji, forgive me. Poorvi says that revenge does not mean that you harm someone else. Do not blame Mukhi Ji for your mistake. Where did you sell that necklace? After some time, Preu tells him that out of this amount, 10k is missing. Poorvi asks her what she did with that money. Preu replies that he had bought clothes using that money.

Purvi rebukes him and says that from where will we get 10k now? She then asks Priyam to fetch 10k from her Almira. He says that I was saving it to pay Molki’s money, but now I have to use it because there is no other solution. Along with this, the episode ends. If you want to watch the next written update related to the show “Molkki” then stay on the same page.


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