Colors Tv serial name “Molkki” is one of the most loved and high TRP serial nowadays. The makers of the serial bring lots of twists and turn to the story. The show is containing their TRP ratings on top every week. The actors who are playing the lead role in the serial is getting so much love from the audience. Their chemistry is ruling the hearts of the people. The current track is going on very interesting and exciting. As you all know, the wedding preparation is going on very high. In today’s episode, you will see that Anjali, Jyoti, and Bhuri smell Chloroform to Priyu.


Previously, you have seen Kids insist Virender apply henna on Purvi’s hand. Virender agrees. Kids go to their room. Virender thinks since Purvi has come here. She goes through so much. Virender comes to the room and tries to wake her up but she turns and sleeps again. Virender holds her hands and applies henna. The next morning, Purvi wakes up and sees henna. She thinks who did it? Kids come there, she asks them who applies henna to her hands. kids point out to Virender. Later, they ask her to come downstairs for practicing dance. Purvi says ok. She says to Virender that try as much as you can, I will not accept your apology so easily.

Later, Anjali tries to get out of the house. Prakashi stops her but she leaves. Purvi wonders what are they up to. Everyone is busy in rehearsals. Prakashi says to Virender that he should dance in the function. After all, he belongs to both sides. Purvi and Virender start practice. The choreographer instructs the dance step. They both start talking while dancing. After that, the Sangeet ceremony starts, everyone gathered in the hall. Kids perform first at the ceremony. One by one all family member gives their performances. On the other side, Anjali, Bhuri, and Jyoti were implementing their plan to ruin the wedding.

In today’s episode, you will see Anjali goes outside to meet someone. She receives a parcel from a mystery man. Jyoti is keeping her eye around. So that no one can see them. Jyoti hears the sound of Virender’s car and she hides. Anjali, Bhuri, and Jyoti smell chloroform to Priyu and she gets unconscious. After that. They see Purvi who is coming towards the room. They hide Priyu. Now, it will be very interesting to see that whom will Vaibhav marry? Priyu or Jyoti. So. don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode of Molkki at 10 pm.


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