Molkki is a tv serial that made everyone excited because of the continuous unexpected twists and turns in the story. In the upcoming episode also, you will see marvelous twists in the story and definitely you can’t hold yourself to watch the episode.

Molkki 23rd August 2021 Episode

You will see Virender when he meets a special person in Daksh’s life. Daksh tells Virender that he brought her to meet you. Along with it, there will be many incidents that will make you crazy. Let explore all the details here.

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Virender asks about the fiance of Daksh that where is she is now. Daksh tells him that Nani is coming home and they have to prepare for the moment. He told her to prep and because she will meet Nani for the first time. The moment becomes crucial when she will cry and tells Daksh that she is trying so hard to win the heart of Nani Maa.

Daksh starts angry with Dhwani and tells her that she is not trying with her complete potential. Even she is giving up before trying. After a moment Daksh hugs Dhwani and tells her that he accept her in any condition and she is his love. The couple starts smiling and Daksh tells her some tips and tricks to appears in the best form in front of Nani Maa.

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Daksh’s Nani came and he goes to receive her. His Nani starts asking questions about her and telling Daksh that which type of daughter-in-law she is finding for him. He tells many things about Dhwani and takes favour in many ways.

Both reach the temple where she will come to meet Daksh’s Nani Maa. She tells Daksh that she wants a girl who is eligible and has the quality to become the daughter-in-law of the Shekhawat Family.

Daksh and Nani Maa reach the temple and they look for Dhwani. Suddenly Dhwani appears and walking in a very adorable style. Nani Maa gets impressed by her and tells Daksh that she is absolutely impressed by Dhwani and wants to initiate Daksh’s Marriage with her.


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