Again, one of the most prominent and anticipated daily soups is on the way to entertain everyone a lot. Yes, we are talking about Molkki because it is the only show that collecting such a huge fanbase worldwide. The upcoming episode of the show begins with Purvi telling Daksh that she is ready to marry him.

Molkki 7th September 2021 Written Update

She says that Nani was right as she can’t believe anyone too easily anymore. She further says that she can’t trust anyone blindly and he will be a perfect life partner for her. She adds that trust is everything in a perfect relationship and very important, and she is sure that her trust will surely change into love for him.

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When Daksh and ani hear this from Purvi, they both get very happy and Nani says to Purvi that she take the right decision by choosing Daksh as she is sure that they both will live together happily. While Nani thinking in her mind that she can use Purvi’s emotions as she has no other option.

In the next scene, it’s morning, and Daksh is just about to call the Police station to know about Virender but Nani stops her by saying she should focus on his marriage. Juhi and Manas come there and Purvi serves them.

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After that Nani tells Chandni to start the preparations for the marriage and then Manas asks about the preparations. Then, Nani tells him about Daksh and Purvi’s Marriage. Meanwhile, Virender comes home, and the kids hug him and Daksh feels happy after seeing him. He asks Virender, how he release. After that, Virender says that when the truth comes out and they release him. He further says that the cops get to know the truth about Susheel who falsely accused him.

Chandni says that she already knew that Virender is not the accused and she asks him about the evidence. After that Virender recalls the moments that happened to him when he woke up in the morning and got to know about whatever happened. Now, the further story of the most prominent daily soup will be actually very interesting and worth watching.

If you want to watch complete tonight’s episode of Molkki then you just need to stay connected with Colors TV at 10 PM. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming episodes.


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