Another great written update of the most prominent daily soup, Molkki. The show getting much attention from the beginning and the story of the show always heats up the entire environment and engages millions of people to watch the show. If we talk about the upcoming episode then it shows that Purvi sees Virender at the hotel and she gets shocked to see him there.

Molkki 13th August 2021

She did not expect to see Virender at the hotel because we already watched in the previous episode that Purvi left the house and she met an accident after which she meets Danish and they both are now partners.

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If we talk about Virender then he gets the news that Purvi has passed away. The police told him that the bus in which Purvi was traveling had an accident and Purvi has been passed away as her body has completely vanished because the bus got burnt.

After that, Virender went to recognize the body if the body was of Purvi or not. When Virender reaches to see the body, he sees that the body was completely burnt but her clothes are enough to identify that she is Purvi. Now, he is actually very upset and deeply broken after hearing this news.

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After that, the episode takes a very huge turn in which the makers show that the story forwarded to six months. Now, the concept of the show will become more interesting to watch as every fan is want to know more details about it.

After six months, viewers will see that Purvi has been completely changed and has been hired by Daksh. As everyone knows that Daksh is a very genuine name in the business industry and also it is the name of the businessman as well.

In the story, viewers will also see that Daksh is in love with Purvi but she does not have any idea about it. In the next scene, viewers will also see that Purvi is sitting in a car and there is Virender in another car but suddenly a third car arrives at the place and they kidnapped Purvi. Later, Purvi is appearing fine in the hotel room. As per the promo, it is clearly seeing that she will be going to see Virender.

So, the upcoming episode of Molkki will be highly anticipated and it will be going on air on Colors TV at 10 PM. Stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming written update of daily soups.


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