The upcoming episode of Molkki starts from where Chaudhary and his man follow Purvi and Virendra and they both hides to escape from them and save themselves. On the other side, we will get to see that Veer will asks Priyanshi that where she was taken when her eyes was closed. She reveals that she had plans for him and says that she asks him to keep going towards the room and when the reaches to the room, she untie her eyes and asks him not to open without her orders and she hides behind curtains and later, asks him to open his eyes. When he opens, he sees that she surprised him wearing a red saree and while, Anjali records everything to have some evidence.

Molkki Today Episode 2nd August 2021

On the other side, Chaudhary’s dog starts barking at Virendra and Purvi and Chaudhary thinks that maybe, the dog has found them and therefore, they are barking at them. They reach there and tells his man’s that this place is good to hide and asks them to search them.

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At home, Priyanshi asks Veer that how is she looking in Red Saree? He give her some compliments and she asks him to take her pictures in saree. He says that he will be happy to click her pictures and on the other side, the search for Purvi and Virendra still continues.

Priyanshi tell him that she is tired and she will go take some juice and spikes for Veer and Anjali records everything and leaves her mobile there. Veer says her that he is not feeling good and Priyanshi asks him to sit on the bed and he loses his consciousness and she lays him on the bed and everything is recording on Anjali’s phone.

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While, Chaudhary finds Virendra and shots at him and Purvi gets shocked and asking for help. Chaudhary says that please God give him some rest otherwise his soul will disturb me and I have lots of work to do as Mukhiya of this village.

Purvi asks him to open his eyes and keep asking for help. She continuously tries to stop the roadside cars but no one stops for them and she keeps asking him to open his eyes until help arrives.

Chaudhary calls Aarav for the last rites of Virendra and Aarav gets happy to hear this and suddenly, Nanthini comes inside his room and he disconnects and when she asks him about the call, he lied to her. On the other side, Veer gets normal and opens his eyes, and asks what happened right now. She tells him that she doesn’t know what happened, you just drank the juice and went unconsicous. The episode ends.


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