The long-time entertaining television serial is going to take a huge turn after today’s episode. Yes, we are talking about the current exciting television show Molkki where you will see unexpected twists in the lives of family members. Most probably everyone welcomes new problems and it will take drastic changes to the story. Sudha and Veer will be focused on the latest episode. The August 10 episode will be telecast on Colors Tv and you can watch it on Voot also.

Molkki, Shocking Twist 10th August 2021

In the upcoming episode, Purvi plans to mix the sleeping pills in the food of Veer. She also tells that she has did the same already just a few days ago. Purvi starts initiating her plan and mixes the sleeping pills. But she asks Aarav to help her. He agrees and starts helping her. While on the other side Virender leaves for the panchayat and then he will go to the factory where he has lots of work as well.

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She asks Aarav not to tell anything to anyone. She will be back as soon as possible. Purvi tells Aarav that the current situation is so much worried and troubled for her. She takes promise from Aarav not to disclose this sleeping pills plan. She tells them they have completed one task and another is remaining.

Both get in Car and leave to complete the next target. Aarav calls his father and tells him Virender’s location. Take your men to the factory outside town. I am on my way too. He is alone there right now. We won’t get a better chance than this. Let’s get ready for the final shot.

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Purvi Notices the plate is empty and there is no food on the plate. Sudha asks that why Veer is looking like this. Purvi revealed that she mixes the sleeping pills in his food and speaks slowly otherwise he will wake up. The problem will be double when Virender and other family members reach home and ask about Veer. To watch the complete episode you can watch it on Colors Tv and watch it on Voot also.


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