Finally here is another episode that is ready to come with numerous twists in the story. The upcoming episode will be premiered on September 1, 2021, on Colors Tv. This episode starts with Nani when she telling Daksh that She will not go anywhere before making Dhwani Her DIL. Just a moment later Chandni tells that it is impossible. Everyone is curious to watch that how he will do it. Nani tells them to keep quiet and turns to Daksh and thinks about what they can do.

Molkki 1st September 2021

Nani convinced her to play a drama. She tell that it may be another how to make things better. Daksh thanks Nani to do all these things. He tells Nani you are great. Nani says I never understand that why Dhwani like a girl falls in love with a Fool like you. Maybe she is not in love with you now but later will be. If you follow my advice then she will fall in love with you from the bottom of her heart.

Nani tells Daksh she will face trouble because some goons teasing her and she will frustrate because of all these actions. You should be there to protect her. Purvi Tries To Convince Her But Nani Threatens To Boss On Her After Marriage. Purvi Calls Her Unique And Smiles. You Love Me And Scare Me At The Same Time. I Will Go Then. Daksh tries to meet Dhwani but Nani stops her.

Later when Nani getting the info about goons she tells Daksh to beat Goons and protect Dhwani. She tells you you should beat Goons because it will make your bond stronger and increase your value in Dhwani’s mind. She will automatically fall in love with you. Later they decide to make a plant to unite Baba and Haathi.

A moment later, Purvi is standing outside the Chinese Restaurant. She is waiting to meet Daksh. It is almost 8 PM at night and waiting. She thinks how much should she waits to meet Daksh. Purvi asks him that is it our date or whatever else. You can watch the serial on colors tv and even online platform also. Voot is provide all the episodes online.


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