Here is another drama serial available which is the title Molkki. As we all knew very well that you are die heart fan of this tv serial and wanted to know that what will happen in this episode. It is the written update of the August 31, 2021, Molkki Episode. This upcoming episode has outstanding thrill and twists in the story. The episode starts with Virender who is extremely upset because of Purvi. Purvi has lost her memory and Virender telling all the situation to Juhi.

Molkki, 31st August 2021

Kids asked Virender that how Purvi face this problem lost her memory. He tells everyone that Purvi had an accident and Juhi tells him that they can tell everything to now. He tells everyone that they cant force Purvi to remember anything because it can harm her mentally and even she is suffering from injuries as well. He tells them that they have to react like that they are the student of Purvi and she is teaching them.

Later, Manas wanted to sleep with Purvi and he tells the situation to Juhi. Byt Juhi denies and tells him that she can’t do anything in this matter. Purvi wonders to see Virender come into her room as a neighbor. She feels weird and then Veers tells her the complete situation and why she is feeling weird.

Now everyone is troubled due to Purvi’s memory loss. The house members finding the solution which can bring Purvi memory back and she gets better. The current situation is terrible. Daksh Says It Is Great News. I Will Go And Meet Him Now. Chandni Tells Him To Call Virender Jiju. He Tells Her That She Has Gone Mad.

You can watch this tv serial on your screens. The show is telecast on colors television. There are lots of fans who are eagerly waiting for the episode. You can even watch this serial on the online platform Voot also. In the upcoming episode, Molkki will get more twists and turns in the story that will make your goosebumps.


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