One of the most entertaining and awaited serials on Colorstv, Molkki is coming back with the latest upcoming episode today, the serial always shows some amazing acts and performances of the characters and gathered the audience, and again, the episode will bring something amazing and fantastic to show their fans. Well, we are here to share the upcoming story of Molkki.

Molkki, August 20th 2021 Episode

So, the episode starts when Daksh will make agree to meet his sister. Suddenly, Virender was shocked after seeing Chandni. Daksh remembers that how Purvi refused to have launched with him by saying that he has lots of work to do and will meet Virender sometime. Chandni says that she will go with him. Virendra says to Daksh that he told him that he will reach there with his fiance and Daksh says that she is a little busy so, he came with her sister.

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Virendra tells that he has already met her at the time of the party. After that, Daksh asks to Virendra about his family and life. He forces him to tell so, they can know each other better. Virendra says that from where they should start and Chandi asks him about his love life that he is single or not. Daksh asks about the love of his life and Virendra remembers Purvi and moments which were spent with her.

Virendra says that love is nothing for him and Daksh says that it is the most important thing in the world that appreciates people. But Virendra says that it brings lots of pain in life and Virendra asks him about his fiance.

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Virendra remembers Purvi and tells tell him about Purvi. Daksh asks that how did she leave you. Virendra says that God brings her far away from him. He adds that he still remembers her and living for his children. Later, Daksh meets his friends and tells Virendra about this.

Daksh forgets his mobile on the table and during that time, Purvi calls Daksh and while Virendra searches for Daksh to tells about it. Virendra gets shocked after hearing the voice of Purvi and Virendra says Bawri to her shockingly,

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Suddenly, Daksh visits there and tells Purvi that Virendra picked up the phone call and on the other side, Virendra thinks to meet Daksh’s fiance as soon as possible and because of this, he invites Daksh and his fiance to his home for dinner. Daksh says that her maternal grandmother is coming to his home and they will come in two days. Daksh saves Purvi and she says that she is not going to do this so, he should find someone else.

Suddenly, Daksh gets angry at her, and Purvi cries. He apologizes to her and asks her to practise on this so, she can do better. On the other side, Virendra told Veer about the fiance of Daksh. Now, it is interesting to watch that what will happen next in the episode of Molkki.


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