1. The newly started show, only on Colors TV, names Molkki. In a short period of time, this show has been one of the most popular shows, which is getting high TRP on the Indian Television screen, you might know but this serial is completing the other serial so well. The audience is loving the story of the show. As you must have watched the last episode, now we are back with the latest written update of the show. In the upcoming episode, it starts with Virendra. He says to Puri to serve the breakfast and go to the farmhouse.


Puri thinks, it is one of the best opportunities to go out and we should also bring to the children while going to the farmhouse. They will enjoy it too and we will have a good time. It will be a great time just like a picnic.  Virendra says we do not have to enjoy ourselves here, I work there and children will play there. Then he says to his mom that we should go there with everyone.

In the next scene, Prakashi feels excited to listen to him, and says, we are supposed to go together with all of them,  for the picnic. Juhi also appeals to the Manas and Virendre to bring him. Virenfre gives all the members-only one hour otherwise he will leave them, not bring them to the farmhouse with him, then Puri starts to get the children ready.  On the other side, Puri sees the photograph with the Juhi and Sakshi.

Later Joyti says that she is ready to please Vaibhav. Anjali shouts and says, if he does nothing in the vacation now, then she will send him back. Then Purvi tries t bo go along with Priyu in the car, but Vaibhav stops him. Purvi returns in the car of the Vaibhav, because his uncle says, there is no room in the car, so you may go with Vaibhav. He notices everything and tries to tease Purvi, when he stops his car in front of the Restaurant for having food, he also meets his friends. Priyu says to everyone that she is going to the washroom that she goes to meed Vaibhav and Priyu gets to know this when she checks the toilet.  Now we will see what happens ahead and how Purvi escapes from the situation. Do watch on Colors TV  at 10:00 PM and stay connected for more written updates.


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