Before jump into today’s episode lets us give you a glimpse of the previous episode in which we have seen that Virender ask PUrvi to went for a date with him at his favourite place. Purvi asked, ” favourite place what do you mean?” He told her that yes.


A place where I use to go when ever I feel sad. She got excited and they left for that place. Well, it is. a beach area where he uses to come for relaxation. On the other sides, e know that Sakshi has been coke back in the serial and she remembers everything.  Purvi and Virender use to go there and they share these feelings with each other.

Both went so romantic and talked about their feelings and emotions they have for each other. On the other hand, Anjali and Prakashi both were getting jealous of Puri and they planned to through her out of the house. Later we have seen that Sakhi was also at the same place where Purvi and Virender used to be and she tried her best to let them know her location so that they can save her.

Later we will see that Sakhi was fine. Hance in today’s episode we will go to see that Virender gets married to Sakhshi and Purvi is hurt. Thus. She decided to leave the house as she thinks no one will going to accept her ad the second wife of Virender neither can live like this. She goes ti Virender and asks him hie can he do this to her even without letting her know anything. She burst out her emotions in front of him but he says nothing as he is under a pressure and there is no other option for him.

Purvi is going through a tough time and her expectations have been debated ao, she decides to leave. Whereas Virender tries his best to stop her as he still feels for her and can’t live without his Bawri but Purvi is stuck to her decision and she isn’t listening to Virender. Now the question is will Virender able to convince Purvi? On the other side we will see Sakhi use to taunt Purvi as well as Anjali and Parakshi are happy to see Purvi in this situation.


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