The latest episode of Molkki begins with Manas as Manas collapses and Anjali runs away after dropping Manas. Purvi tells Priyu to stop there, she hurriedly picks up Manas. She is shocked to see the pieces of glasses. The psyche is crying. She takes Manas to assist. She asks how did he fall down? He says that someone pushed him though when he turned back, nobody was. She thinks about who it could be and realizes that something is going to go wrong.


Poorvi is taking the children down but suddenly she disappears and the children are surprised to see her disappear. On the other side, she is seen carrying Anjali and the servant to the bride’s pavilion. She asks them to wait, but they continue walking. Purvi collides with a woman and falls into Virendra’s arms. He says that she keeps on finding a way to fall in front of him. She says that she was just trying to reach the pavilion fast. He says that this is not his marriage.

Meanwhile, her mangalsutra gets stuck in his sherwani. She shakes her hair while she tries to separate. He says that her hair is very dirty, she will go like this? He fixes her hair. She says can she go now? She walks He grabs her hand and stops her. He says no, wait. Does she ask why he stopped now? He says that they will go together. After a while, East goes to the bride and brings the bride to the pavilion. The Pandit asks who will do the Kanyadaan. Purvi says that Virendra will. Virendra says, Purvi will also accompany him.

They both sit down to donate. Vaibhav and bride stand for the feres (7 rounds). Virendra throws flowers at Purvi. She looks back. He says that she got in the way. Now it is the time of Mangalasutra. Anjali is very happy. The Pandit asks Vaibhav to fill the vermilion in the forehead of the bride. The bride’s veil is removed and it is revealed that there is this Priyu under the veil. Anjali is shocked. Along with this, the episode ends. If you want to know more updates about this upcoming episode then stay connected with us.


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