In the latest episode of “Molkki” we will see Virender apologizing to Eastern because as we all know that Purvi blames Virendra for this whole matter although Virender will be seen apologizing to him but Purvi will not forgive her and will say that I will always remember this mistake from lifetime and I will never forgive you for it. Hearing this, Virender will be completely disappointed. In the upcoming episode, Priyu sees herself in the mirror and gets lost in the horror of the rape incident and the crease.


Apart from this, she angrily tries to wash away the stains on her character with turmeric, though Sudha stops her. Is and says that you have no need to do all this, why are you punishing yourself? Let me help you out. Priyu says I can get rid of this turmeric. Meanwhile, she says that Vaibhav has not given me anything yet so I miss Naveen a lot today. Later, Purvi says that I would not have to see this day today if he had not cheated me. Along with this, Sudha agrees to not tell anything to didi and says please calm down. Priyu says that it seems like I am not happy because I loved Naveen.

Priyu says that it seems like I am not happy because I loved Naveen. Not only this, but I also miscarried my child for him. She says that I have lost faith in the fact that by loving someone we are going to get something in return. Sudha calms down and says that we are with you, don’t worry. On the other hand, Anjali says that now it will be interesting to see how your life will change.

In the next scene, Anjali walks around the house talking on the phone and Purva is taken to see the scene. However, she is unable to listen to him and asks what she is doing here Purvi asks that your sister is married here and you are wasting time. Apart from this, all the family members are very keen on the wedding and make preparations with great enthusiasm although Purvi is unable to forget everything completely. Along with this, the episode ends.


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