The most prominent and amazing daily soap serial of Colors Tv named “Molkki”. The lead role of the show is getting so much love from their fans. Their chemistry is very much liked by the audience. The show is getting high TRP every. The current track is going very exciting as the marriage drama has been started in the show. On the other hand, Purvi is still angry with Virender. And he is trying so hard to convince her. In today’s episode, you will see that Virender will again attempt to convince Purvi. And Anjali hears the conversation between Purvi and Priyu.Molkki 5 January 2021

In the previous episode, you have seen that the marriage preparations have been started in the house. Purvi says that she will wear Vaibhav’s choice jewelry. Vaibhav asks her why she is doing this drama in front of everyone. Purvi answers that she wants to make sure that he regrets for his all crimes, what he did in the past. She says that if he thinks that she is marrying him for his money, so he thinks right but there is one more reason, she says that she wants to take revenge on him for ruin her life. Anjali comes there and overhears the conversation of them. Anjali gets worried and thoughts how we get rid of this girl.

She thinks that if she couldn’t be done anything then she has to tolerate this girl her whole life. Kids ask Virender if Purvi forgives him or not. He says no. Kids told him that he should keep trying. Later, Virender selects a dress for Purvi and tells her to try. Purvi goes to try the dress. Virender comes to her and helps her. He apologizes to her but she didn’t forgive him. Virender asks her how will you forgive him? if she wants that he became your slave then I am ready for it. Purvi says if he means it, he says yes. Later, the Haldi ceremony starts and everyone enjoy the ceremony.

In today’s episode, you will see that Virender apologizes to Purvi but she refuses to forgive him. Purvi says to him that you watch what I do. At night, when the function is going on, a courier delivery boy comes. Purvi sees him. Later, Priyu gets emotional and remembers Naveen. Priyu says to Purvi that why Naveen ditch her, she does everything for him. She even aborts a child. Anjali hears their conversation and gets shocked. The episode is going to be very suspicious and interesting. So, don’t forget to watch “Molkki” on Colors Tv at 10 pm. Stay tuned with us.


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