The daily soap serial of Colors Tv named “Molkki” is getting so much love from their fans. The TRP of the serial is increasing day by day. The main lead of the serial Virender and Purvi are ruling the hearts of many people, their chemistry is also liked by the people. The current track is going very exciting and interesting. In the recent track, Virender got to know about the truth behind Priyu’s incident. Priyu decides Vaibhav’s punishment, she decides that Vaibhava have to marry her as punishment. In the upcoming episode, you will see Purvi is angry with Virender and he is trying to convince her.molkki

Previously, you have seen that Purvi blames Virender for not believing her. Virender says that he is the head of the village. he can’t judge anyone without proof. Later, Vaibhav apologizes to Virender and says that he is guilty for he did. Virender says to him that he is a peccant of Priyu. So, Priyu will decide the punishment for him. Vaibhava apologizes to Priyu and also requests Purvi to forgive him. Vaibhav also apologizes to Prakashi. She also scolds him for his mistake. She says to him that stay away from her and now the law will decide his punishment. He again starts apologizing to Priyu.

She says to him that he ruins her life. After that, everyone asks Priyu that what punishment she want to give Vaibhav. Priyu says that after this accident no one will marry her. So, she wants that Vaibhav to get married to her. She adds that she wants her secure future. Purvi gets shocked to hear this and tells her what is she saying. Virender says to Purvi that She should support her decision. Purvi agrees and Virender announces the marriage of Vaibhav and Priyu in front of the village. Later, they reach home. Virender gives a new mobile to Purvi as a gift. Purvi accepts it. Virender texts her “Sorry”. she replies with an angry emoji to him.

In today’s episode, you will see Anjali tries to stop the marriage and says to Vaibhav that everyone does a mistake in their life and we have to find that one mistake of Priyu or Purvi. So that, they can stop the marriage. Virender tells his kids that Purvi didn’t forgive him. Kids say to him that you should try continuously to apologizing to her. Now, it is going to be very interesting to see that when Purvu will forgive him? and What will Virender do to convince her. So, don’t forget to watch “Molkki” on Colors Tv at 10 pm. Stay connect with us.


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