Your and our favourite Molkki is here with the marvelous twists and turns in the existing story. There are many things related to this serial which is important to be revealed in this article and you should know about the latest incidents which going to happen.

Molkki, 25th August 2021 Written Update

So here you will know about the upcoming episode of Molkki. Purvi goes outside to speak to Chandni. According to details, all the family members will face an unexpected surprise where they will suffer some things.

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The episode will start with Daksh when he is telling Virender that he put all the effort to complete all the promises. He tells me that my Dhwani is there (Pointing At The Corridor). A random girl standing at the same place where Dhwani stands and waiting. A few minutes later Virender asks is she your fiance Dhwani. Daksh asks do you like my choice? Virender Nods and says she looks pretty and lovely.

In the next scene, you will see Chandni asks Purvi to come to the hospital and she also asks to bring Daksh along with her. She calls Daksh especially because Nani had Asthama Attack and she is in danger that’s why Chandni talks to Virender and Purvi. Some Kids Tease Manas And Juhi But Teacher Tells Them Against It. You Will Get The Same Punishment If You Do That. The Kids Leave.

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Daksh drops Purvi at school. Purvi still tensed and thinking about Nani’s health. Daksh tells her that Nani is far better than before and she doesn’t need to worry about her health now. He also tells her that enjoy the first day and talk with children sweetly. She Is Confused. Why? He Says What If A Kid Selects You For His Or Her Parent? She Calls Him Mad. You Say Anything. They Both Smile.

The episode will be premiered on Colors Tv at the regular timing. You can watch the episode on Colors Tv and even you can enjoy the serial on the online platform Voot also. IOn Voot you also enjoy the previous episodes of this serial.


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