In today’s episode, Virendra’s mother gets a call from the police station that Purvi has escaped. On the other side, Anjali overhears the conversation of Vaibhav and Purvi. She feels happy that Vaibhav has broken that mobile in which she has recorded that video. Otherwise, Virendra would have taken her to jail.  Anjali tells Virendra’s mother that Purvi has escaped from jail and hiding in our house. Virendra’s mother asks Anjali how could you be so sure that you have seen Purvi in our house. She says that she is one of the dancers who came here for the party. Anjali confirms that she has seen Purvi talking to Vaibhav upstairs. Purvi warns Vaibhav that she will tell everything to Virendra and she is calling the police also. Vaibhav says before you call Virebdra I will expose you in front of the entire family that you are hiding in our house like a thief.molkki

At that time Virendra comes upstairs and watches them talking. Virendra got shocked and asks her what is she upto. Purvi tries to explain everything to Virendra but Vaibhav interrupts and says that she came here to harm Manas and Juhi again. Virendra gets shocked and hold and her hand to take her in front of the entire family. Virendra asks Purvi about her purpose to hide in their house. Purvi explains that she has done all this to save Priyu. She says that Vaibhav raped Priyu. The entire family got shocked and Virendra scolds her to accuse Vaibhav. Then Vaibhav pretends to be innocent and says Purvi is lying, he has not done anything wrong to Priyu. Virendra asks Purvi do you have any evidence so you can prove what you said?

Purvi cries and requests Vaibhav to accept what he did to Priyu. But Vaibhav acts innocent in front of the family members. Purvi asks Anjali to say the truth in front of the entire family. She refused that she doesn’t know anything about it. She says Vaibhav is an innocent guy that’s why she wanted him to marry her sister. Virendra asks Vaibhav that tell the truth now otherwise he will take this matter to Panchayat. Vaibhav says that I am your brother how could you doubt me. Virendra says if you are innocent then you have to prove it in the Panchayat. Virendra asks Purvi to explain everything to him. She says that to fulfill his male ego, Vaibhav did all this to Priyu and when she tried to tell them, Vaibhav molested her. He threatens her that he will do even worse if she will say this to anyone. Stay connected for more updates.


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