The episode starts with Purvi is talking to Sudha and Priyu that I cannot help you from here so we need to ask Virendra to her us in this situation. Priyu says I don’t want Virendra to know about all this and what if the blackmailer comes to know that we have told everything to Virendra. Purvi says Virendra will help you without knowing everything. Sudha asks her how would it be possible? Purvi dictates a plan in Sudha’s ear and asks her to do exactly what she said. Sudha assures her to help Priyu to get out of this matter soon. Purvi returns her mobile to Sudha to keep a check if the blackmailer texts.

Molkki 20th January 2021 Written Episode Latest Update: Anjali & Vaibhav Engagement

Everyone is sitting at the dining table in Virendra’s house and Anjali gives a sign to Vaibhav. Then Jyoti comes and sits next to Vaibhav. Vaibhav says that he wants to marry Jyoti. His mother says why do you want to get married suddenly? Anjali says this is the right age for Vaibhav to get married. And he knows Jyoti for a long time as she is our family member. Virendra says marriage is for a lifetime and he should patiently think before taking any decision. Anjali says if Vaibhav will not marry like this then might be he will end up to marry a Molkki. Virendra feels bad and goes t his room.

Anjali suggests them to fix engagement on Jyoti’s birthday. Vaibhav agrees to this idea cause he wants to make Jyoti’s birthday memorable. Vaibhav calls his friends to invite them to his engagement. Sudha comes to Virendra’s room and tells him that someone is sending her messages to threaten her. She says she lives alone here and she cannot ask anyone else for help. Virendra assures that he will help her as he is the Mukhiya of this city. Sudha gives him the number of that person. Virendra calls the inspector and tells everything and asks him to track this number. Purvi overhear their conversation that Sudha has told everything to Virendra.

Then Sudha is passing by Jyoti’s room and she hears that Anjali and Jyoti are talking about engagement and selecting their dresses to wear in tomorrow’s function. Then inspector calls Virendra to give him the details of that number. But he hesitates as the number is registered in Virendra’s name. Inspectors said the culprit is in you Haveli. Virendra says start investigating every member in the Haveli. Purvi is making a plan to delete that video so the blackmailer will not do anything further.

The inspector calls Virendra and says that Purvi is not well and she needs to get admitted to the hospital. Virendra reaches to see Purvi in the hospital. Manas and Juhi are saying to Virendra’s mother that they don’t want Purvi to leave them as their mother left. She consoles them that Purvi will be fine. For more details stay connected to us.


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