The episode starts with Virendra asks the police to arrest Purvi. Purvi accuses Virendra to made her Molkki and married her. She says you never accepted me as a wife. Virendra interrupts her that he has given her a chance to set free. I gave you respect as a Mukhiyain. But you never regard all this and kept hatred toward my family and kids. He added Manas and Juhi love you as their mother but she kidnaped them to fulfill her desires. She added you always disrespected me. Priyu requests the inspector to not arrest her sister because she is innocent.Molkki 19th January 2021 Today's Latest Episode Written Update: Purvi Arrested

Manas and Juhi are waiting for Purvi to come home. Mama Ji informed Virendra’s mother that police arrested Purvi and took her to the Police station. Manas and Juhi start crying but Virendra’s mother says that she will come back soon. Virendra says that Purvi will not return again. Manas says he cannot live without her. Virendra says Purvi has cheated them and you have to forget her now.He walks away to her room and thinks about some incidents where he finds Purvi trustworthy. But now onwards he will not trust anyone ever again.

In the police station, Purvi is thinking about Manas and Juhi that she has to win Virendra’s trust again and she wants her kids back. She noticed that there is a lady who is not well and the police are taking her to the hospital. The next morning Priyu and Sudha come to visit Purvi. Purvi asks Sudha to make a call to the blackmailer. She connects a call but no one responds. Then she receives a message. Sudha reads the message that I told you to leave this town forever but just because you didn’t take this matter seriously and the police caught you.

Now I will not give you another chance and will upload this video on the internet at 2 tomorrow. Purvi consoles Priyu that she will not let anything bad happen to you. The next day Virendra receives a call from the inspector that Purvi is not well and they have to come to the police station. Virendra reaches the police station and sees that Purvi vomits blood. He got panic and take her to the hospital immediately. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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