This episode starts with Purvi goes to buy medicines for Priyu. Here Virendra says to Inspector to outspread his team to catch Purvi near the medical shop. Purvi sees Virendra and hides behind fodder. Virendra notices her and asks the inspector to search in that corner where she hides. She knew that police will be located at every hospital but I never thought he will deploy them to every corner in the hospital.

Molkki 5 January 2021

Purvi asks her to wait for some more time. Then Sudha calls Purvi and she dictates her everything that Priyu is injured and she is not able to get her medicine. Sudha suggests her to go to dargah and I will bring medicine there. Purvi refuses her to come here or Mukhiya Ji will find that you are helping me. Due to a lot of background noise, Sudha couldn’t hear Purvi and goes to meet her at Dargah.

Manas and Juhi overhear Anjali and Jyoti that they made this plan to throw Purvi and Priyu from Haveli. Manas gets sad but Juhi reminds him if we will pray to Kanha Ji then they will surely help Purvi .and everything will be fine soon.

Purvi takes Priyu to Dargah wearing Burqa and ask her to sit in a corner. Inspector suspects her and asks her to uncover her face. She refused to do that due to her religious belief. Then Virendra sees Sudha in the market and chases her. He strongly believes that she is here to meet Purvi only.

Purvi got medicines and takes out the bullets from Priyu’s arm.  Then she sees Sudha and Virendra in front of her eyes. Police surround all of them and Virender says that you are a culprit and cannot escape. He asks Purvi that why did she cheat on him and his kids. They didn’t do anything wrong to her and love her like their own mother. Why you tried to shoot me? She replies that she was angry with him and wanted to take revenge.

She says you cheated me and made me a Molkki and married me! But although you never respected as your wife till. You called me a thief when I wore Sakshi’s clothe mistakenly. Every time you tried to insult me and it hurts my self-respect. You tried to kill me when u threw me in front of those wild dogs. Virendra said it was your family who hid the truth from me. He asks the police to arrest her.

Priyu requests Police to spare her sister as she hasn’t done anything wrong. Here Manas and Juhi keep asking for Purvi and not eating anything. The next morning Sudha snd Priyu come to see Priyu, she asks Sudha to call blackmailer but he didn’t ick her call or text her that I told you to leave this city but police caught you. Now I’ll upload this video on the internet by tomorrow. Priyu cries but Purvi ensure her that she will not let anything wrong happen to her.



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