The episode starts with Purvi standing outside Manas’s room and watching him spending time with Juhi. Purvi is trying to hide in a corner as she doesn’t want anyone to see her. Purvi thinks they see her as their stepmother but she loves them like Priyu and her brother. Manas looks at the door and loudly says Hathi. Purvi hides again. Then Virendra looks outside the door he found no one in the corridor. Then Virendra says this Babbar sher will go out to search that hathi. Then a nurse comes and tells Virendra that she is on night duty. She asks him to collect a receipt that she has left at reception. Virendra goes to reception and on the other side, Purvi goes inside Manas’s room.

Molkki 15th January 2021 Full Episode Written Episode Latest Update: Purvi Felt Guilty

She picks an injection to terrify Manas and says I am going to give you this injection. Manas got scared and holds Juhi’s hand. Then Purvi removes her mask and says in a normal voice that I won’t hurt you. Both the kids smiles and hugs her tightly. Manas says I was missing you so much why didn’t you come to meet me. She says I apologize but your Babbar sher didn’t allow me to meet you. Manas praised Virendra that he took care of him when you weren’t here. Purvi says she is happy to know it. Purvi says no one can break the bonding of hathi, gainda, and khargosh, now you have to act according to our plan and dictates her plan.

Virendra asks the receptionist for the receipt but she reused that no one has left any receipt for you as there is no lady doctor on duty here. Virendra got shocked and wonders who was that lady then. Purvi notices that Virendar is coming back when she is taking Manas and Juhi along with her, she hides again. Virendra enters the room and sees that Manas and Juhi are not there. Virendra got angry at the doctors and says he will find his kids and the person who escaped them. Purvi feels bad to take this step. Purvi thinks about that envelope in which she found that same mobile in which the rape incident was recoreded. Then she receives a message from where she was instructed to kidnap the kids from the hospital and not to tell this to anyone otherwise he/ she will upload this video on the internet.

Purvi felt guilty for doing this but she has to this to save Priyu’s life. Meanwhile, Virendra’s family and Police come to the hospital and ask Virendra if he doubts anyone. Virendra thinks about the person who is close to his kids and they can go with him. A staff member apologizes to Virendra for this carelessness. The police inspector asks him to show the CCTV footage that can help them to find the kidnapper.

Purvi brings the kids to an old building. Auto driver warns her to not to go there, this is not a safe place to go alone. Purvi ignores him and takes the kids into the building. Manas asks Purvi why she brought them here but she says she will tell them later. Here Virendra watches the CCTV footage and shocked to see the same doctor leaving with his kids in an auto.

Manas asks Purvi if they can play hide and seek here, Purvi makes sure that no one can reach this place. Juhi sneezes and says this place is so dusty and I won’t be able to sit here. Purvi cleans two chairs and she is regretful to brought them here. Inspector says that kids have gone with that lady with their own wish as they didn’t argue with her. Virendra zooms out the footage and suspects Purvi through her eyes.  They also recognized her earrings. Virendra recalls that he denied it when Purvi asked him to meet her kids. He angrily says you shouldn’t have done this Banwari! This is about my kids and I will not spare you for doing this.

On the other side, kids get panic when they see a lizard. They ask Purvi to take them home cause they are getting bore here. Purvi console them how would they face Babbar sher if they will get afraid of a little lizard. Virendra tells the inspector to catch the Rikshaw driver. He might give them some clue about Purvi. Now Purvi thinks about the person who has recorded the video. Priyu confirm it was from your family or Vaibhav’s friend. Purvi calls the same number but that girl disconnected the call and switched off the phone instantly.

Manas tries to call Virendra from Purvi’s phone but before he picks the call, Purvi disconnects it. Purvi asks Manas that why he cheated on the game. He says he wants to give a clue to Babbar sher so he can find them soon and ends this game. She refuses to tell anything to Virendra and asks Priyu to bring some food cause Juhi was hungry and thirsty. They hear someone knocked on the door. Purvi takes the kids inside a room.

Sudha walks in with food and calls Purvi. She ensures that no one will come here. The rickshaw driver tells Virendra about the place he dropped the kids. Purvi receives another text – Mukhiyaji is coming to your location. Don’t act smart or else I will viral this video and your sister won’t be able to face anyone ever again.


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