In this episode, Purvi apologizes to Virendar for spoiling Sakshi’s painting. Virendra shouts at Purvi and scolds her for this mistake by saying this was the last symbol of Sakshi that she has destroyed. Virendra is upset with Purvi and says that he will not eat anything until he re-paints it. Then Purvi felt more guilty by knowing that Virendra took two months to complete this painting.

Molkki 5 January 2021

Many of his feelings were attached to this painting. Angry Virendra punishes Purvi not to eat anything until he completes this painting. She agrees with this that she will not eat anything. There is Sakshi’s barsi in the coming two days so Virendra promises himself that he will complete this painting anyhow. Anjali is worried for Purvi that this is going to be difficult for her to stay without eating for two days.

But Purvi says she has already accepted that punishment. Mama tells Prakashi to make Purvi understand that not eating for two days is not a solution to this problem. If she is genuinely guilty then she can help Virendra to complete this painting. Mama says anything that happened was an accident, Purvi couldn’t even think about doing this. Mama decides to talk to Virendra about this harsh punishment that he has given to Purvi. Later Manas came to know that this was not Purvi’s mistake and plan something to save Purvi.

Juhi confesses to Manas that she wanted to blame Purvi but she already took that blame on herself and got punished too. Meanwhile, Purvi tries to help Virendra and stands beside him holding the paints. Suddenly Purvi gets afraid to saw a rat and collides with him. Virendra gets upset and tells her to maintain some distance. Purvi feels thirsty but she doesn’t say anything. Manas tells Juhi that he is going to give food to Purvi without anyone’s knowledge.

Anjali hears about his plan but ensures she won’t tell to anyone about it. She was also planning something against Purvi. She mixes sleeping pills in a sweet dish and asks Manas to give it to Purvi. Purvi was sitting on the bed and smiles watching Virendra painting  Sakshi’s painting. She commends that Sakshi’s eyes are beautiful. Virendra doesn’t give any response. Then Purvi notices that Manas is standing outside the room and he has food in his hands. He asks Purvi to eat this food. 


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