Who Is Mohammed Zubair (Alt News) Biography, Age, Wife, Instagram, and Net Worth: The co-founder of Alt News, Mohammad Zubair has been arrested on 27th June. He has been arrested by the Delhi Police. Mohammad Zubair is arrested under section 153/295 of the Indian Penal Code. After the news burst over the news channel that Mohammad Zubair is arrested, his name started to trend on social media, and some supporters of Mohammad Zubair are tweeting about him with the hashtag IStandWithZubair, the hashtag has been trending on the social media platform Twitter. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Mohammed Zubair

Who Is Mohammed Zubair From Alt News?

Mohammad Zubair got arrested for sharing a fact-check video that includes two religious people, and one of them forces another religious person to chant some slogans. The video that Mohammad Zubair had posted included some Hindu socialists beating a Muslim old man for chanting the slogan of “Jai Sree Ram,” and they also make the man sing the slogan of the “Jai Sree Ram.”

Mohammed Zubair Arrested

According to the police, the video that Mohammad Zubair had shared was not something common, but the video includes the sentiments of the religion, and the video is a personal issue. The Police registered the FIR against Mohammad Zubair, but they have not mentioned anything about the chants in the FIR. However, Mohammad Zubair is claiming that the police have been hiding the truth.

Mohammed Zubair Biography

There are also reports that Mohammad Zubair had received over 50 lakh rupees in his bank account in the last three months, the cyber unit of the Delhi Police Special Cell has confirmed the news. Mohammad Zubair has also received lots of donations from unknown sources, and the investigation of the case of Mohammad Zubair is still being performed by the police.

Mohammed Zubair: Age, Wife, Instagram, and Net Worth

Mohammad Zubair is arrested under sections 153 and 295 of the Indian Panel Code. Section 153 indicates the accused created the situation with the intention of rioting, in both the condition if done, and if not done. Whereas section 295 specifies the accused of spoiling or trying to spoil the place of worship with the intention of insulting any religion.

Mohammad Zubair was born on 29 December, and he is currently 33 years old. Mohammad Zubair has been living in India since he was born. Mohammad Zubair is the co-founder of one of the digital websites ALT News, which is a non-profit fact-checking website. Another founder of ALT News is Pratik Sinha, who used to be a software engineer before he started to get some profit from ALT News. Pratik Sinha is the son of a very famous lawyer Mukul Sinha, who is also the president of the Jan Sangharsh Manch. The website of ALT News was launched on 9th February 2017.


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