Mohamed Konate: Suspect, 27, arrested for attempted murder rapper Lil Tjay: Since the news of rapper Lil Tjay’s shooting surfaced on the internet a name is being searched on a large number is Mohamed Konate. According to the source, people are curious to learn about Mohamed Konate who shot rapper Lil Tjay on Wednesday at midnight at a shopping mall. And now Mohamed Konate’s name has been included in the trending searches of Google. People are searching for who is Mohamed Konate and where he is right now. Follow More Updates On

Mohamed Konate

Who Is Mohamed Konate?

There are several queries regarding suspect shooter Mohamed Konate among the people. As per the source, Mohamed Konate is the prime suspect in the shooting case in which rapper Lil Tjay handed his life. As rapper Lil Tjay was a quite popular personality in New York City people are taking over the internet to find details of Mohamed Konate. Meanwhile, we have prepared this article to give you every available information about Mohamed Konate. Scroll it down.

Mohamed Konate Arrested

On Wednesday the rapper Lil Tjay was rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment after the shooting incident but the rapper is said to have died of gunshot wounds. And Mohamed Konate is said to be accountable for the murder of renowned rapper Lil Tjay. As per the prosecutor, the tragedy happened during a robbery attempt carried out by suspect Mohamed Konate. As per the source, Mohamed Konate also injured another man at the shopping mall on Wednesday at midnight.

Rapper Lil Tjay Suspect Mohamed Konate

However, the culprit or prime suspect was taken into custody shortly after the incident. Report confirmed by the Bergen County prosecutor who said that suspect or shooter Mohamed Konate from New York City has been taken into custody after the fatal shooting at the shopping mall where he killed a young rapper named Lil Tjay. What was the age of Lil Tjay and Mohamed Konate? Find out this information in the following section.

The police report confirmed that Mohamed Konate is 27 years old and he is from New York City while the victim Lil Tjay whose real name was Tione Merritt was just 21 years old when he was shot dead. This was the matter of Edgewater Mall where Mohamed Konate armed with a gun entered to attempt a robbery meanwhile the rapper became a victim of the incident. Currently, the suspect Mohamed Konate is under the custody of the police and being interrogated. Stay tuned.


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