The handball German League is all set to introduce another match of the league. All the handball lovers have great news that they can watch one more match of their favorite league. As we have seen that many matches have been played under this league and fans are going excited to watch one more match that will be played by two outstanding teams of the league.

MM vs FB Live Score

Tonight, we will get to see team MT Melsugen (MM) and team Fuchse Berlin (FB). Each team has played two matches in this league and now, they both are going to play their 3rd match in the league.

MM vs FB Live Score

Many fans are excited for this fantastic match as they always love to watch these fabulous Handball matches and tonight, not only this but many more matches will take place at the same time but different locations under the same league.

Well, the information regarding to the match is not available on the Internet but we have all the information of the match including team squad, lineups players, date, time, venue, league, and many more things. If you want to know all this information so, you should read out the full article and check all the necessary details here. Here is the information about the upcoming match.

MM vs FB: Match Details

  • Team Names:- MT Melsugen (MM) vs Fuchse Berlin (FB)
  • League:- German Handball League (Bundesliga, GERMANY)
  • Venue:- Rothenbach-Halle Arena
  • Date:- Thursday, September 16, 2021
  • Time:- 10:35 PM IST

MM vs FB: Team Squad

MT Melsugen (MM):- Silvio Heinevetter, Nebojsa Simic, Yves Kunkel, Michael Allendorf, Tobias Reichmann, Timo Kasterning, Marino Maric, Arnar Freyr Arnarsson, Julius Kuhn, Finn Lemke, Andre Gomes, Domagoj Pavlovic, Elvar Orn Jonsson, Kai Hafner, and Alexander Petersson.

Fuchse Berlin (FB):- Fredrik Genz, Dejan Milosavljev, Tim Matthes, Milos Vujovic, Hans Lindberg, Valter Chrintz, Johan Koch, Mijajlo Marsenic, Lassse Andersson, Viran Morros, Paul Drux, Jacob Holm Marian Michalczik, Fabian Wiede, and Marko Kopljar.

MM vs FB: Probable Lineups Player

MT Melsugen (MM):- Nebojsa Simic, Michael Allendorf, Timo Kastening, Arnar Freyr Arnarsson, Finn Lemke, Elvar Orn Jonsson, and Kai Hafner.

Fuchse Berlin (FB):- Dejan Milosavjljev, Milos Vujovic, Hans Lindberg, Viran Morros, Jacob Hol, and Marko Kopljar.

MM vs FB: Match Prediction

Now, the match is going to be started in just a few hours and fans are eagerly waiting to watch this fantastic match in the upcoming days. As we know that the league has introduced too many matches and in the last 2 matches, team MM is standing on the 12 positions where they faced a single draw and a single loss.

On the other side, team FB is standing in the 2nd position where they won both played matches in this league and it is clear that the team has more chances to win against team MM.


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