Mitchell Potter And Shelby Stocker Lexington Car Accident Death Video Shows Ky Couple Dead & Obituary DetailsAs per the source, a couple died recently after facing a fatal road mishap and sustaining severe trauma injuries in the accident. Reportedly, the victims of the accident were identified as Mitchell Potter and Shelby Stocker. According to the reports the victims were from Lexington, Kentucky. It is very devastating to read about the passing of two young guys who died unexpectedly. This tragic accident happened on Wednesday 27th July 2022 in Lexington, Kentucky. In the further given particulars of this note, we will tell you some important points of this road mishap that cost two lives. Who were Mitchell Potter and Shelby Stocker? Fetch more information about these two below in this article. Follow More Updates On

Mitchell Potter And Shelby Stocker Lexington

Mitchell Potter And Shelby Stocker Lexington Car Accident

The identities of the Lexington road accident victims were recognized by the Fayette County Coroner’s Office. The Fayette County Office reported that two victims died at the scene after being involved in an automobile mishap that occurred on Delong Road around 9’o clock on 27th July 2022 Wednesday. According to the officers of the Fayette County Coroner’s Office, the two victims were Mitchell Potter and Shelby Stocker. Keep reading this note to learn more about this tragedy. Shift to the next section to learn about the victims.

Mitchell Potter And Shelby Stocker Lexington Death Video

The coroner revealed that Shelby A. Stocker was 24 old while John Mitchell Potter II was 32 years. Both died after sustaining severe trauma injuries due to the collision of their car with a solid fixed object on Delong road.

However, the authority reported on the scene as soon as possible after getting informed about the automobile accident that happened on Delong Road near Colliver Lane which is close to Armstrong Mill Road. The officers declared them dead at the scene as there was no chance to provide them any emergency assistance. Get more about this automobile accident in the next section of this article.

Who are Mitchell Potter And Shelby Stocker Lexington?

It seems that the car of the victims went off the road at some point in time as the car was found half submerged in water. This was a single-vehicle accident. The victims do not have a Wikipedia page but yet we found some personal details about them. Mitchell Potter was born to his parents Rhonda Bartley Potter and John Mitchell Halie in Pikeville, Kentucky on 24th July 1989. Other family members of Mitchelle Potter are Joan Potter, sister Maddie Duff, stepbrother Hudson Rogers, and Nora Duff. The funeral ceremony has been announced for the victims that will take place at Southland Christian Church, Harrodsburg Roaad.


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