Missing: Who was Frank Young? 5-Year-Old Girl Found Dead: On Saturday, July 9, one of the bodies of the missing kid was found dead in Canada by the police. According to the sources, the dead body found of a child is of Frank Young. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Frank Young Missing

Who was Frank Young?

Frank Young is a 5 years old boy from Canada. He was cute and a sweet kid to his parents and every member of his family always loved him. Frank Young was living with his mother and father at the Shoal Lake First Nation. His parents are Darrel and Tanya Young.

What happened to Frank Young?

Frank Young went missing from a nearby place of Red Earth Cree Nation on the 19th of April in 2022. He was last seen by some members of his family and friends in a playground that is nearby his house. Later, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police started to search for the boy since he was missing and Frank Young’s parents informed the police. The missing of Frank Young had put the entire nation of Canada started to worry about the boy and a lot of people had put their prayer posts on the social media platform.

Frank Young Death Cause

When Frank Young went missing, his parents informed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The investigation was taken place and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police started their mission to investigate the missing kid Frank Young. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police started different missions of aerial and boat searches. Frank Young’s parents also took the help of the media in the hope to get their kid back.

Sgt. Richard Tonge, the commander of the Carrot River detachment had also announced that the investigation department of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was searching for the boy with all their hard work and efforts.

Tribute of the family to Frank Young

One of the family members of Frank Young has told the media, that Frank Young loved to play out of his house. He used to play with his friends who lived near to the house. Frank Young was a very fun-loving man. He was a fan of Barb, and always made something special for her, he used to feel so proud of himself to make something for Barb. When Frank Young went missing, and the family members could not see him, they immediately informed the police. Since Frank Young went missing all the family members held each other and stayed strong in the hope to get him back, but it was unfortunate that he is no more with them.


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