Missing: Who Is Anna Pushkin? Missing Girl From West Hollywood: Anna Pushkin, a young girl who used to live in West Hollywood, is reportedly missing. It does not happen often that someone living in Hollywood has gone missing. She was last seen at some place in West Hollywood on Thursday. There was a report of a missing person filed by the family when they were not able to contact her for quite some time. Anna is to go for taking her cat for a walk on that day and the 26-year-old went missing after that point in time. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Anna Pushkin

Who Is Anna Pushkin?

The full name of the girl who went missing from West Hollywood is Anna Nadya Pushkin and she was 26 years old. It was this Thursday when she had to take her cat for a walk, but, who could have known that just a casual walk could have resulted in such a mishap. She had been living in West Hollywood for a long time with her family. However, there is no information available on her family and neither her own.

However, there has been some basic information that was available and was presented by many sources. Her height is about 5 feet and 5 inches and her complexion is fair. There are some tattoos on her body with the red color on her hair. Anna is also having a thin body and her eyes are brown. According to the complaint made by the family, Anna was wearing a gray long cardigan, shorts, and sunglasses.

Anna Pushkin Missing Girl From West Hollywood

From what we have heard she seemed to be loving cats and this is why they had a cat in the first place. Anna was going to be having to pursue her Ph.D. in the subject of neuroscience. The family was not able to have a chat with her and it was only a few moments later that they found that she was late and had not come back to her home. They even went out to look and search for her, however, it was to no avail as she was nowhere to be found. This made the family file a complaint about her missing, immediately.

The police had started looking for her, however, it was difficult to trace her as she had left her phone at her home. There was news on Twitter that was posted on the 10th of July which said that Anna Pushkin has been found, however, there is no confirmation of her having been found. This might even be fake news as well. We will update you on her whereabouts as soon as there is any official information.


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