Missing: What Happened To Keilani Clavejo? Stockton Teen GoFundMe: Shocking news has been coming from California as the town, of Stockton has incurred an incident of a missing teenager. It has been a couple of days already ever since the teen went missing on the 4th of July. Stockton is a city that has been located at the  San Joaquin River, which is in the Central Valley of California. There have been many other reports of missing kids in the past few years. This has caused an alarming concern over the safety of the young ones The name of the girl that has been alleged to be missing is Keilani Clavejo. She was reported missing by her family members and they have been feeling restless after the sudden disappearance of their girl. Let’s have a look at what occurred. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Keilani Clavejo

What Happened To Keilani Clavejo?

Keilani has been missing from her home for over 3 days. She had been living in Stockton with her family and they have been hoping to get their child back as soon as possible. The family has been left in a state of terror and panic and the time must be really hard to bear.

The missing report was submitted the same day she went missing. It was also the day when people in the US celebrate Independence Day. It is so tragic that the day of their Independence has seen a tragedy like this. And that same day a horrible shooting also occurred at Highland Park where a rapper named Robert Crimo was suspected of the shooting. There was a lot of drama involved around her family as well.

In the past few years, Stockton has been seeing a rise in such missing cases of people with varying age groups. A girl named Madison was also reported missing around the time of January in Stockton. She was a girl of a similar age as well. However, she was found later safe and sound.

Keilani Clavejo GoFundMe?

There is no report of the missing girl being found, as of now. There was a post that was shared by her cousin in which she is saying and asking people to pray for her lost sister and also give strength to her family in the tough times. She was praying that she returns home safely and unharmed. A GoFundMe has been found to be set up for the missing but there are no links to anyone. The police have been investigating and looking for the missing girl and we hope that they find her soon.


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