In the last episode of Patiala Babes Minni decided to leave Hanuman Singh’s house. She got to know that Hanuman like her mother Babita and Babita also likes him. Micky, who is Minni’s friend, told her not to make impulsive decisions. Micky said to her that he is not ready to help her. Bobby, who is another friend of Minni, told her that he will help her to find a new house and asked about her requirements. Mini had started hating Hanuman Singh and wants to keep her mother away from her. Both Minni and Babita argued. Babita scolds Minni on how she can decide on changing the house.

Hanuman Singh listens to the conversation, and he scolds Minni, how she can talk to her mother like this. Minni did not like Hanuman Singh, and she asked her mother to tell Hanuman no to come in between their relation. Laala brings besan ladoo for Hanuman Singh which Biji has made for him. Hanuman takes permission from Babita to talk with personally Minni. Hanuman asked from Minni why she is behaving weirdly. Minni told him that she had the audio clip when he was sharing his feeling with Laala.

Minni got sick and taken to the hospital. The doctor told Babita that Minni is suffering from Acute Appendicitis, and she needs to be operated immediately. The doctor told Babita that such pain show up out of nowhere, and even its symptoms don’t show up early. During this acute pain operating is the best option or else the appendix may rupture inside the stomach; it can be really dangerous. The fellow doctor took Babita and Hanuman at the reception and told them to pay the amount here. The receptionist told Babita that she has to deposit Rs 50,000 for operating expenses and anaesthesia and the rest of the money during discharge. Babita told Hanuman Singh that she does not have much cash. The receptionist asks Hanuman Singh to sign the consent form and Told Hanuman Singh to write the relation. Hanuman Singh told the receptionist that he is Minni’s uncle. Hanuman Singh asked the receptionist that Minni’s treatment is more important or the father’s consent form. Then Babita told the receptionist that she is Minni’s mother and she will sign the form. Minni cried and requested Babita to her home.

Biji asked Babita have she thought anything about Hanuman Singh? In the next episode, Minni told Hanuman that she wants to talk to him. Hanuman told Minni once she recovers, Laala will find a new house for her. To know what happened next stay tuned with us.


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