Recently, a TikTok Video grabbed the attention of uncounted people and shows a rage inside an airport in which Mimosa Karen shouted at the airline staff. The latest video shows Karen wreaking havoc at the terminal and the entire incident has been captured by a very famous TikToker @cinco suave.

Mimosa Karen Viral Video on Social Media

The first in a series of films they released begins with a potential traveler, referred to as “Mimosa Karen” by TikToker, yelling at the gate attendant and ordering her to film, so that she can “say it again”. Apparently, the airport staff hurled abuses at the woman, but it appears that the reason behind the incident is something else than that viewers can see in the video.

Mimosa Karen Viral Video

Whatever happened in the airport, this was not the first time as Karen appeared in some other obstacles previously as well. In August this year, an airport Karen appeared to yell at the airport staff in a very bad manner.

Talking about this video, all the employees did their best to calm the woman down and defuse the situation before the crowd get in touch with the matter. But, the woman didn’t hear anyone as we can see in the video until security arrived. Even, the security guard was unable to handle the situation.

Mimosa Karen is later seen on camera asking someone with the gate agent’s employee number and then asking for the employee number of everyone she spoke to. Let us tell you that the lady rants at everyone while waiting for her flights and said “Is everyone seeing that I’m asking for her employee number and no one is giving it to me?”. When the video of the woman went viral on social media in which she clearly appeared at yelling at all the airport staff even security guards.

Mimosa Karen Yells at Airport Staff Video Viral on Social Media

She says “How many times do I have to say ‘f**k you to all of you before you say, yeah I didn’t actually do anything illegal? I haven’t broken any rules”. The main reason behind her this activity hasn’t been revealed yet but many people continuously searching for it. So, Mimosa Karen Video went viral on social media that become the talk of the town.

Many people have already watched the complete video but they are continuously searching to know the main reason behind this incident that happened at an unknown airport. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming trending topics.


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