The number of crimes is increasing in America because of that the citizen of America may face trouble while shopping, traveling as well as doing something. Apart from people are in tensed and they feel insecure whenever they go outside of the house. The news of America has become breaking news in the strongest countries of the world. A shooting has been registered in Millenia Mall, Florida, United States. No sooner than this news comes to various platforms, people are looking to get more information about this news. We will provide you with the correct information about the case.

Millenia Mall Shooting today

A shooting at the Millenia Mall is on trending on the internet. In the cross-examination, cops should be appreciated by the department and authorities because cops encounter the shooter. The chief said to the media in a press conference that the shooter was in his 20s. He died on a counter on Saturday night. According to the chief of Orlando Police Orlando Rolon, this shoot-out happened around 7 PM at Neiman Marcus.

Millenia Mall Shooting Today

An officer of Orlando police was working and giving his extra time on duty, outside of the particular mall. He drag a man out of the store because he was doing something fishy. Later the man came back to the mall along with a gun and fired multiple shots at the officer from the parking lot of the mall, it was a very surprising moment for the officer. It has been confirmed by the Orland police officer Rolon.

On the counter-attack, the police officer also fired at the suspect but he ran after the attack to the Olive Garden. He tried but his efforts did not secure him and he was killed by the officer in the encounter at the parking area of the Millenia Mall. He also has confirmed no officer as well as there is no one was injured or killed in this encounter. He also added in his statement that it can be in self-defense.

Later this case has been hand-over to the concerned authorities. The concerned authorities will find out if the statement which has been passed by the Rolon was that right or was that murder. Rolon said that in between 30 days camera footage that may be recorded by the CCTV camera of the mall will be released. The police sealed the place with yellow tape and no one is permitted to enter the location without location.


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