Surprisingly, a 27-years-old TikTok celebrity Mikkie Gallagher is getting huge popularity suddenly. As per the confirmation she published a video on her TikTok account which was all about how to remove IUD. This IUD removal video by the TikTok user Mikkie goes viral over the internet there are many people who are sharing this video beyond expectations.

tiktok viral video

Within few hours of the period, her followers has been risen with a great number. Let’s find out various other details including the Mikkie Gallagher wiki, age, boyfriend and a lot more.

TikTok user Mikkie has shared a video that is allegedly about removing her own IUD. The video has been shared several months ago and now it is in the trend and most people seeing this video in the feed. Here is the complete detail that what the celebrity has said in the video.

DIY IUD Removal Viral Video

In this video, Mikkie has did not said any words but narrated the procedure with text. She captioned the video with texts. Even she has also aware his followers and users that “this is NOT medical advice but it only took 2 minutes”. She appeared in the video wearing a surgical glove as the text in the video reads, “Come along for a little DIY IUD REMOVAL”. After another text “diving right in,…” Mikkie slides her hand down while her face is cut off from the camera and returns a few seconds later with a T-shaped device in her hand.

Now we want to tell you about her that who us she and what she did as a professional. Mikkie Gallagher is a TikToker living in Ireland. Currently, the celebrity has more than 25K followers on her account and she is receiving a huge response on her videos. The total view count is around 1.7 Million. She is 27 years old.

In recent years, she was blessed with a daughter. Her daughter may be around 4-5 years old. The Mikkie Gallagher husband’s details are yet to come on social media or the internet. There is no such information available right now and when we get any piece of information we will add it here immediately. For further detail stay to get in touch with us.


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