How did Mike Crotts die and what was his cause of death? Former Georgia Senator Passed Away At 75: On Saturday, July 9, the sudden demise of the Former Senator of Georgia state Mike Crotts, was announced by the Governor. Mike Crotts was 75 years old and left this world at this age. However, the reason behind the death of the senator of Georgia is not revealed yet. All the admirers of Mike Crotts are shocked to know the sudden demise of the former politician, and after the announcement of his sudden demise people started to search for the cause of his death, but there is no information available on the internet. The family members and the friends of Mike Crotts have not mentioned anything about the reason for the death of Mike Crotts, but they have put their tribute to Mike Crotts through their social media accounts. Follow More Updates On

Mike Crotts

Who was Mike Crotts?

Mike Crotts was born in the Covington area of one of the places in Georgia state, and at the same place, he had spent his childhood. He was married to Phyllis who is a public speaker at the White House. Phyllis is a writer of the famous book “Death for 34 minutes.”

Mike Crotts was a very passionate person in his professional and personal life. He had always helped people around him, and always motivated others to help as Mike Crotts used to think that what a person gives to the world, comes back to him or her.

How did Mike Crotts die?

Mike Crotts worked as a Senator of Georgia state from 1992 to 2004. He had also represented Newton County as the State Senator for almost 12 years. While being a senator, Mike Crotts supported some important rules to be constituted, and allowing people of the same sex to get married was among those rules. He was a Vice-Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee and the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee.

After serving as a Senator of Georgia state for more than 12 years, Mike Crotts tried to fight from the Congress party, but unfortunately, he lost the elections. He had run for District 17 in 2008, but he lost the election to Senator John Douglas and did not apply after his massive defeat. Apart from the political life of Mike Crotts, he had also worked in McDonough as a real estate agent, and a Coast Guard.

What was the net worth of Mike Crotts?

According to the sources, Mike Crotts earned a net worth of around 5 million, and he used to earn around $17,342. Mike Crotts also did some other work other than being a senator, so it is estimated that he would be earning a good amount.


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