Is Michael Shane Bargo Dead or Still Alive? Death Row After Killing Seath Jackson: Since people have heard about the murder case of Seath Jackson they are scrounging the weblogs to learn about the murderer. And the murderer of Seath Jackson is identified as Michael Shane Bargo who has been sentenced to death. Currently, everyone is seeking the personal info of Michael Shane Bargo since they have got to know that he was the man who killed Jackson brutally. In the following divisions, you will get to fetch Michael Shane Bargo’s personal info such as his age and other aspects. Let’s take a look at the murder case of Seath Jackson before discussing Michael Shane Bargo’s personal info. Kindly scroll down the screen and take a glance below for more. Follow More Updates On

Michael Shane Bargo

Is Michael Shane Bargo Dead or Still Alive?

Michael Shane Bargo is a convicted person for killing Seath Jackson in 2011. As per the source, the court announced the death sentence during the resentencing of charges against him. Michael Shane Bargo was charged with the first-degree murder of a man. Firstly, a lower court announced death plenty for killing Seath Jackson, and later it was also announced by the Florida Supreme Court on June 23rd. According to the reports, Seath Jackson was 29 years old when Michael Shane Bargo killed him macabrely.

The police report claimed that Michael Shane Bargo was ushered to Jackson’s premises and attacked him. After killing him, Michael Shane Bargo cremated the dead body of 29 years old Seath Jackson and scattered the ashes in a rock quarry that was filled with water. But later police recovered strong evidence that directly pointed to Michael Shane Bargo. As per the source, Michael Shane Bargo was just 18 years old when he killed 29 years old Jackson but when police arrested him on the suspicion of killing Jackson he had become 21 years old. Police captured Michael Shane Bargo in 2013. Apart from this, Michael Shane Bargo is also accused of two counts of burglary and grand theft.

Reportedly, the convicted man Michael Shane Bargo was born on 29th April 1992. He had committed two heinous crimes before killing Seath Jackson in 2011. Michael Shane Bargo is a native of the United States. Police believe that he grew up in an abusive and disadvantaged family. It is reported that Judge Jorge Labarga announced the death penalty for killing Jackson to Michael Shane Bargo. According to a report, he also had hostile relations with his mom. Stay tuned to this page.


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