There is shocking news that appears in our knowledge and you will be shocked to know that there was a fatal car crash that happened in which Michael Kisxtar Stockley was injured terribly and died at the age of 24 years old. He was one of the most famous commentators of esports.

Michael Kixstar Stokely Car Crash

He was commentating for Rainbow Six Siege in 2016 at the age of 19. Before the commentating Stockley won the NA Pro League in his first season as a player. Here is the complete news that you all need to know.

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The death cause has been found and as per the details he was died after the terrible car crash and major injuries in the body. The major cause is the injuries that is the reason behind his death after crash. While the exact cause of death is still unknown. When the details will be confirmed by us we will immediately update the info here. The 24-year-old was an Esports Awards color commentator in 2020 and was nominated again for the 2021 edition.

“Michael worked hard to lift up the R6 Siege community, and in turn, so many of you lifted him up as well. We are grateful for the love and support we have experienced from so many of you.”

After the news of his death, there are many peoples and his fans who came on social media and other platforms to give the last tribute to personality. Yes, after the news there were many people who came on social media and posts related to his death showing condolence over Stockley’s sudden demise

Some people written on social media like “Siege community lost a legend. Rest in peace Kixstar,” one fan wrote. While there is another post we got from from social media where ESports journalist Hunter Cooke simply wrote: “There will never be another KiXSTaR.”

It was a seriously heartbreaking moment for all his friends, family and fans. Nobody can assume that they going to know about the sudden demise of Stockley who is the favorite commentator of esports. For further related news, stay get in touch with us. For any query you can comment below.


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